For Those Lifting Frequently, the Paleo Diet Doesn't Always Work. How to Change It.

While the Paleo Diet is certainly one of the most recent and popular diet-lifestyle plans to emerge, as with any dogmatic acceptance of a groundbreaking new eating or fitness system, people tend to lose sight of important details as it gains traction with both a smaller number of influencers and a larger crowd of followers.

A recent article from T-Nation points out the issue of low or no-carbers continuing to perform high amounts of anaerobic training without adequately replenishing their glucose while the healthy higher-carb diets are being used by people with sedentary lifestyles. The article emphasizes four key points:

  • The re-introduction of a few sources of starchy carbs into a modified Paleo diet with the end of supporting heavy weight and anaerobic training.
  • The reduction of carbs to about 100g a day for sedentary people to derive the weight loss benefits.
  • The importance of the source of macronutrients as much as the numbers themselves (not using junk food to hit calorie or other minimums).
  • The importance of personal accountability and self-experimentation in tuning a given protocol to your body and needs. 

For the complete article, check it out over at T-Nation.

  • Nathan Kan
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