Forbes Highlights 7 Things That Prevent Parent's from Creating Future Leaders


While some of us have the good fortune of being parents while others prepare to enter parenthood, we're all able to witness a difference between how we were brought up and how the latest generation of millennials are being raised. Although we can agree the possibilities available to children these days and means to reach them are greater than ever, the amount of choices that accompany them make the world a very uncertain place, one that many well-meaning parents are ultimately failing to prepare kids for. 

Leadership expert Dr. Tim Elmore recently sat down with Forbes to share seven ways in which parents are preventing their kids from becoming leaders of their own lives and in the working world:

 1. Preventing them from experiencing risk: By bringing up children in an over-insulated environment, they fail to experience, identify and eventually, defeat their fears.

2. Rescuing them too quickly: Similarly, by always swooping in at the first sign of danger, parents can deprive kids of valuable chances to solve problems on their own.

3. Praising too much and too readily: When parents continually reward their kids and bolster their self-esteem for them (the "everyone's a winner" mentality), children are left under-prepared for the harsh reality ahead. 

4. Giving in too easily: By not being able to say 'no' to kids and spoiling them, they eventually connect success with material rewards and not their own actions and good deeds. 

5. Not sharing past mistakes: When the children reach adolescence and even  early adulthood, they will start to reach the outer edges of their safe zone, which is when your extensive experience will help them avoid the more serious mistakes. 

6. Confusing intelligence, talent and influence with maturity: Despite having all of these things, a child might not yet be ready to be granted certain freedoms and responsibilities. 

7. Being arbitrary: Until they go on to become independent and even after that, children will look to parents as ethical role models and their actions will reflect your own.

At the end of the day, parents owe it to their children and those around them to mold their children into somebody able to contribute and bring value to culture and society. 

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