5 Ways to Nurture Your Creativity by Setting Boundaries

When it comes to developing a creative skill, it might be surprising to find that an aspiring artist's greatest resource is not going to be just time. Even if we have both time and freedom in great abundance, we find that they can be quickly whittled away to nothing, leaving only under-accomplishment and frustration. What we need, in fact, is focus and focus can be achieved by introducing limits into our lives.

So for those hoping to take a stand for their creative goals and work towards them, here are five ways to set boundaries and focus on what's most important: 

1. Prioritize creative work: start small by setting aside focused time to do creative work every day before gradually growing it by fifteen minutes every two weeks. Consider using The Seinfeld Method for a simple way to stay consistent.

2. Stop checking so much: If simply realizing that it's unnecessary to check your inbox or social media every few minutes isn't enough, UK-based creative business coach Mark McGinness offers an even more poignant recommendation: "It's better to disappoint a few people over small things, than to surrender your dreams for an empty inbox."

3. Listen to your body: ensure you get enough sleep and take breaks from your computer to ensure you don't end up running on fumes and getting diminishing returns. The Pomodoro Method is a simple example of taking short but frequent breaks for increased productivity. 

4. Set boundaries of your choosing and work within them: It is by forcing limitations on yourself that your creativity is challenged and developed. For an artist it could be as simple as working only in shades of a single color or making small challenges for yourself   

5. Start today: Don't sweat the nitty gritty details at the beginning, just get the ball rolling in any way however small or simple. Also important is defining the minimum requirements needed to achieve what you're working on without falling prey to perfectionism.  

Source: Fast Company

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