Stuck on the Couch? Getting Active Might Be As Easy and Remembering Positive Workouts

We all know that things like patience and motivation are finite things that perpetually used can be exhausted. But perhaps that little motivation you need to get you off and running or into the gym could be as simple as referencing some of your old and positive experiences.

Recent research from Mathew Biondolillo, a doctoral student in psychology, David Pillemer and Dr. Samuel E. Paul Professor of Developmental Psychology of UNH looked into utilizing the past as a reference towards motivation through the paper they titled "Using memories to motivate future behavior: An experimental exercise intervention."

A total of 150 participants were each given the choice of remembering positive/negative memories that hopefully serve as motivation to exercise. Another group was never left to recall any memories at all (which served as the control group). Following the week, each of the participants asked to associate a memory with exercise, whether positive or negative were able to get sufficiently motivated, with the positive memories group leading the way with the most exercise. 

Source: ScienceDaily

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