Can Data Really Improve Your Health? Will You Act On the Data?

The big catch phrase of the last year or so has been wearable technology and the alleged and significant benefits it will yield to one's life. The market is undoubtedly an interesting and highly contested one, as established tech companies like Samsung and Google battle against sports brands like Nike (who incidentally just let go most of their team responsible for the FuelBand) to Kickstarter-backed upstarts - the space is getting congested quickly. But despite all the information at your fingertips, will you really benefit from it all?

There's a lot of raw data that gets accumulated and subsequently "cooked" and processed. But does this quantified data provide enough motivation and inspiration? A lot of the wearable tech these days from a fitness aspect is more so about competition and less about creating context for all these numbers, and towards the end of the Idea Channel video, it starts to get a bit heavier as they begin discussing what sort of effect will all these types of trackings have. With the marketplace for wearable tech yet to be clearly defined, there will be some interesting times ahead as we start considering what is and isn't important to our daily lives. 

  • Eugene Kan
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