Save Your Memory By Keeping in Shape Says the Latest Studies


It's evident that we all know the benefits of being in great physical health, but the latest study shows that the trickle down effect of being fit can have an impact on keeping your memory tack sharp. A recent Michigan State University study tapped 75 college students over a two-day period and found that those that were generally inactive and unfit struggled to retain information at the same level as their fitter counterparts.

The group was given words to pair up such as "camp" and "trail" on the first day and on the second day they were told to recall this to test long-term memory (deemed anything in excess of 30 seconds). Furthermore the fitness testings were based on oxygen consumption during treadmill tests coupled with weight, percent body fat, age and sex. 

For an increasingly sedentary lifestyle that plagues much of the Western world and first world countries, this is certainly an alarming trend. 

Soruce: Science Daily

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