The New Flour on the Block Hits Close to Home: Enter Coffee Flour


It comes as no secret we're big fans of both the health and performance benefits of coffee in liquid form. But a new movement headed by several Starbucks veterans out of Seattle called CF Global is looking to turn what is largely a waste product -- unused cherry pits from coffee -- and turning them into a usable and healthful ingredient destined to be used just like regular flour in many instances. Health-benefits aside, the new product will also provide another revenue source for farmers who are often underpaid to begin with. 

The stuff is set to hit the market in 2015 with more information available on their site, coffeeflour.com.

Check out all the benefits of the "super-ingredient" below as well as the video. 

  • 5x more fiber than whole grain wheat flour
  • 84% less fat and 42% more fiber than coconut flour (but there's never been anything inherently wrong with the MCT in coconuts)
  • 3x more protein per gram than fresh kale
  • 3x more iron than fresh spinach, and more iron than any grain or cereal in the USDA database.
  • Contains less caffeine than brewed coffee. The amount per serving is dependent on the varietal, concentration and particular recipes
  • 1oz of coffee flour™ has 2x the potassium of a banana
  • gluten-free

  • Eugene Kan
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