For Those with Gluten Concerns, Enter Cocomama

The concerns of those with gluten sensitivities and Celiac disease has been a polarizing issue in recent times. Some have felt that they're simply a figment of the imagination at the worst end of the spectrum and others feel it's the desire to hop on a new food trend. It's safe to say that the educational background behind gluten-free is lacking as witnessed by a recent Jimmy Kimmel piece. 


From a business perspective, the market has exploded, growing 44% between 2011 and 2013 and looking to hit $15.6 billion by 2016. But in the eyes of some, the range of products has arguably fallen short. Gluten exclusion has been supplemented by additives and creating a generally unhealthful product.

Cocomama is looking to gain some greater traction, integrating gluten-friendly ancient grains such as Quinoa, Chia, Millet, Kaniwa and combined into snackable clusters. This could make for some delicious treats when combined with some tasty additions like milk, yogurt, acai or ice cream.

The video below outlines Cocomama while you can support the product via Kickstarter until Friday, June 6.

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