Use Theracane-Assisted Myofasical Release on Your Chest for a Pain-Free Shoulder

The Theracane is honestly one of the best self-help tools you can purchase to keep your body in tip-top shape. Robust and versatile, there are a diverse number of usages for a trusty Theracane but Functional Patterns' Naudi Aguilar breaks down a way to release an overly tight chest that could cause shoulder-pain. For the sedentary worker, improper posture and hunching over could certainly contribute to a rounding of the shoulders and a tight chest. While a Theracane works, use a little ingenuity and figure out if there are any other options (broom stick nestled properly?) that could work.

Meanwhile, check out regular videos on proper motor patterns over at Functional Patterns' YouTube channel.

  • Eugene Kan
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