How do the shoes fit?

In terms of widths, the Midlander is much more of a traditional fit that many people may be accustomed to. There is a degree of familiarity in that fit and it's positioned as something more of a gradual psychological step before a big dive into so-called more minimalist shoe. We have however chosen a stretchier spacer mesh on the Midlander for a foot through several foot types and a more supportive two-layer construction to hold the foot tight. 

The Lowlander fits as a 2E and is currently the widest of the three shoes. It features the same divided last as the Splitlander but without of course the split is absent which offers greater width. Some people may find the Splitlander not their cup of tea aesthetically or find it proprioceptively difficult to adjust so the Lolander provides a perfect a 

The Splitlander includes a similar two-layer construction to the Midlander but the spacer and net mesh package with the natural split allows for the most adaptive ride. 

Will you be offering a zero drop model?

We definitely understand the need for a zero drop model and it has already been the most requested option but as a small company we looked at the landscape and felt that we would be stepping into a space that was already full of many competitors (especially for a start-up). We are looking to position ourselves as a multi-step offering that goes from a traditional shoe (no doubt the Midlander isn't really a 'minimal shoe,' but it's minimal relative to the norm) to something more minimal with Splitlander and Lolander. We're careful to really say we're a "minimalist" shoe brand. It's a relative at the end of the day, there are far more minimal shoes out in the landscape, but we're also wanting to offer a progression that also encompasses a lifestyle element. 

Despite the greater awareness around a reconsidered way of approaching footwear design and running technique, there still lies a great deal of the general public that we feel isn't necessarily aware of it. We see the need to really sort of provide a progressive approach, and offer familiarity along the way rather than launch something not necessarily everybody would understand. 

Will there be women's sizing?

We're unfortunately focusing on men's sizing for now. We hope women don't get the wrong idea that this aspect of the market doesn't interest us, but we're a purely self-funded operation and we're prioritizing what we are most focused and best. But stay tuned ladies!