• The Midlander’s positioning with 8mm heel-to-toe drop and an extended outsole offers the perfect transitional approach to runners new to lightweight minimalist footwear.
  • The Lolander offers a thinner 4mm heel-to-toe drop but despite the split outsole, offers a more controlled and stable toe-off due to the coupled experience between the upper and outsole.
  • The Splitlander is a 4mm heel-to-toe drop with a 12.5mm heel and 8.5mm forefoot. It provides uninhibited movement by decoupling both the rubber and the upper at the forefoot split.



As your first step into minimalist running, the Midlander has all the workings to help provide the perfect step towards reduction. Carefully considered features such as a transitional last ensure the foot is properly positioned for the task at hand as runners transition from heel-striking to midfoot and forefoot striking. A gradual 8mm differential between the heel and forefoot along with a more structured upper provides just enough support as runners become accustomed to a new minimalist experience.
The Mildander is available now at SMAAT's online store.


The Lolander is for progressive minimalist runners or a lightweight alternative for fast, technical runners. Offering a unique split-toe tooling with a traditional upper, the Lolander offers greater flexibility and enhanced proprioception thanks to a thin 8.5 mm forefoot ride - while maintaining a traditional fit. The overall 4 mm heel-to-toe differential with a roomy toebox encourages mid and forefoot striking.
The Lolander is available now at SMAAT's online store.


The Splitlander offers one of the best lightweight minimalist running experiences out there. It’s signature split-toe tooling provides the necessary flexibility and balance experienced technical runners crave. A 4mm differential through 12.5mm heel and 8.5mm forefoot encourages mid and forefoot striking. The 8.5 mm forefoot provides great proprioception with an anatomically chosen last ensuring an uncompromising fit. If you’re in need of a shoe devoid of extraneous bells and whistles, the Splitlander will provide you with what you need.

The Splitlander is available now at SMAAT's online store.